The Premier League has confirmed that four matches will be postponed

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The Premier League has confirmed that four more matches will be postponed. Due to this weekend amid the devastating coronavirus pandemic.

The situation of the epidemic of the covid-19 virus In the UK. The intensification continues with both Delta and Omikron breeds. causing the number of infected people to increase a lot.

Several teams in the Premier League have had outbreaks in teams including Spurs, Leicester City, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Brentford, Watford, Norich City and Liverpool recently confirmed that 3 players have been infected.

Recently, the Premier League confirmed that this weekend’s games It had to postpone the competition for another 4 pairs after the previous one. The fixture between Manchester United and Brighton on Saturday 11 December has been postponed.

The four weekend matches that have been postpone. Include three Saturday games, Southampton vs Brentford, Watford vs Crystal Palace and West Ham v Norwich City. The match is on Sunday, Everton v Leicester City.