Carragher comes strange, cheers Tuchel rocking the ghost.

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has backed current manager Thomas Tuchel to take over at Manchester United if contacted.

         The situation in the Chelsea team is tense. After being sanctioned by the British making it impossible to do many things. There are also many players who are out of contract. Which Carragher pointed out from this kind of problem. The News believes Tuchel has the opportunity to leave the club. And the goal may be “Red Devils” to find a manager at the UFABET moment.

      Carragher wrote in the Telegraph column.  

“Manchester United have had the perfect opportunity to find a new manager. Who should be their number one target Thomas Tuchel.”

         “Given the incident at Chelsea, United’s decision to wait until the end of the season gave them an unexpected choice. One of the best managers in the world – the current FIFA Best Coach – has to be at the top of their list.”

         “Tuchel, like everyone at Stamford Bridge, doesn’t know what the future holds at their current club. No one can give him any assurances about the team starting next season. because the sale of the club has been suspended.

         “No manager wants to work in the midst of this uncertainty. If he gets the chance to work with a great club like United He had to grab it.”

         “United can offer him safety and to him and the support of all the top coaches. Yes it looks like an exploit take advantage of the Chelsea crisis. But from United and Tuchel’s point of view, the more you look at it. The less you think about it.”

         “Every top executive in the world is looking for a new coach. Or at least keep an eye on Tuchel’s mood and public comments from now until the end of the season.”