Alexander Levak urges fans to stop attacking Ben White

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Alexander Levak urges fans to stop attacking Ben White

This player was dropped from the England national team. After news of internal problems with the coaching staff.

Alexander Levac, personal agent of Ben White defender of Arsenal a giant Premier League club, has called on all parties to stop attacking players. After not being named to the England national team in the latest set Due to problems with the relationship with the coaching staff

Levack said: “I am grateful that Ben is in the public eye. Which has many things And it leaves you open to criticism. I would like to point out that All top players. Whoever it is It is a human being. Who has the same feelings. We all have experiences, both good and bad.

“No one really knows. So what happens in life? So I really believe that people should think before making decisions or criticizing these top players in public. Ben has shown great strength. And incredible strength throughout this terrible time off the field.”

“He blocks out all the noise. and performe incredibly ทางเข้า ufabet well on the field In situations where other people Many people may suffer and may not be able to handle it. Ben has an incredible temperament and attitude. which gives him the ability to live life and work and personal life.”

This season, the 26-year-old star has shown strong form with Arsenal, playing in all competitions for 47 games, scoring 4 goals and leading the team to the top of the Premier League at this time.