Gluten is a component of which foods?

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Gluten-containing foods include grains  such as whole wheat, wheat bran, barley, rye, wheat germ, or other grains such as triticale, durum wheat, and spelled flour. And can be found in processed grain products. Such as bread, pasta dough, pizza, cereals, bread, crackers, bread crumbs, meat from grains (Seitan), cookies, various types of baked goods. 

Can also be found in beverages like beer and some types of wine. And in food that we didn’t expect, like crab sticks. Soy sauce, broth, canned soup, licorice, food containing malt vinegar (Malt Vinegar) that has a malt taste or contains malt extract. UFABET 

Eating can be extremely dangerous for people with allergies, who should avoid eating this nutrient. This can be done by eating unprocessed foods. Eat foods that have a single ingredient. And you should always read the food ingredients on the label before eating. Or you may change the food format to Gluten-free food for health safety.

Who should avoid eating Gluten?

Patients with various diseases related to eating. Such as Celiac Disease, Non -Coeliac Gluten sensitivity (NCGS), wheat or grain allergies. and dermatitis from allergy. You should avoid eating Gluten because it may have negative effects on the body. Especially for celiac patients, Gluten may stimulate the immune system to destroy the inner surface of the small intestine. The process of absorbing nutrients into the body is disturbed and results in other abnormalities such as osteoporosis. Infertility Nerve damage or seizures may occur. 

However, people who do not have an allergy or sensitivity do not need to eat a Gluten-free diet because in the case of eating diet without proper planning, it may result in harm to the body. Therefore, you should consult your doctor if you want to change your eating pattern to a Gluten-free diet.