Coconut oil. 

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Coconut oil It is the oil that is obtained from the fat in the white flesh of the coconut. It may be produced by a variety of different processes. Some products use the term virgin coconut oil. Referring to coconut oil extract using natural processes such as bleach-free. Deodorization or distillation and sometimes indicated using a cold extraction process. Which is the method of using an extractor to generate heat naturally not exceeding 49 degrees Celsius as much as possible. Let’s to knowledge

Contains saturated fats that are medium chain triglycerides. which is believed to be beneficial to the body without passing through external heat sources. It is believed to help maintain the health benefits of coconut oil because it may work differently than other longer-chain saturated fats such as vegetable oils, dairy fats and meats. 

Therefore, it is often use as an alternative treatment for diseases. Such as diabetes, heart disease or Alzheimer’s. And although it contains high calories and saturated fat. It is also believed that taking might help with weight loss and blood cholesterol levels ทางเข้า ufabet. Including applying to add moisture to the skin. Treat skin allergies psoriasis as well as properties to nourish hair health and oral health.

Numerous benefits that have heard about how reliable it is. According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, there are very few studies on the benefits. This makes it difficult to confirm its efficacy.