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Clanton Native Drew Roy returns in ‘Falling Skies’ Season 4, starting June 22

Jun 20, 2014

ClantonAdvertiser.com — Roy, originally from Clanton, will bring audiences up to speed on what his “Falling Skies” character Hal Mason is experiencing in the show’s fourth season, which is set to air Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.

“He’s back in action, and all is good with him,” Roy said of his character. “This season starts back where we ended last year. We’ve got a big action sequence with aliens that attack us again and split us all up. This is the first time all of us are split into different camps.”

Roy, 28, has been with the show since it premiered as the No. 1 new series of 2011.

Produced by Amblin Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg, “Falling Skies” is set in the aftermath of an alien attack that has rendered most of the world incapacitated.

Roy’s character is the oldest son of Boston history professor Tom Mason, played by Noah Wyle.

Roy said working with seasoned actors like Wyle and Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino—who is guest-starring as Sara in season four—has been a “fantastic learning experience” and “a little nerve-wracking, too.”

“It’s a pleasure working with them. These people have been around doing this craft for a long time,” Roy said. “What better way to learn for a young guy like myself than to watch these guys? People follow what they’re doing. Seeing how they handle themselves gives encouragement to everyone else.”

Season four opens with the Mason family and the remaining members of a resistance movement called the 2nd Mass under attack by an alien race’s new war machine.

The attack results in the show’s characters being divided and forced to form new relationships to survive.

“That was a really interesting twist to the show to see these groups split up for the first time,” Roy said. “That’s really shaken things up and brought some new dynamics out.”

Roy described Hal Mason as an “athletic guy who likes to do the right thing.”

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TNT Announces Falling Skies Season 4 Premiere Date!

Mar 10, 2014

TNTNewsroom.comFalling Skies fourth season will premiere on Sunday, June 22nd, at 10PM! TNT’s epic drama Falling Skies – from Amblin Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg – tells the extraordinary story about life and survival in the wake of a catastrophic alien invasion. Noah Wyle stars as Tom Mason, a college professor who became an unlikely resistance leader. Moon Bloodgood is Dr. Ann Glass, a pediatrician who became the survivors’ primary physician and eventually fell in love with Tom. Will Patton is Colonel Weaver, the gruff and emotionally scarred commander leading the battle against the invaders. Also starring in Falling Skies are Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Maxim Knight, Seychelle Gabriel, Colin Cunningham, Mpho Koaho, Sarah Carter and Doug Jones. Since premiering as basic cable’s #1 new series of 2011, Falling Skies has ranked as one of the Top 20 original series on basic cable with total viewers and key adult demos. In addition to Spielberg, Falling Skies is executive-produced by Amblin Television heads Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, along with David Eick and Greg Beeman.

Falling Skies to Invade WonderCon!

Mar 12, 2013

You can find out more information about the event COMIC-CON.ORG/WCA!

Falling Skies fans still have a few more months to go in the long gap between seasons, but those who attend WonderCon later this month in Anaheim, Calif., will get a sneak peek at what’s to come when TNT’s hit alien invasion drama returns this summer. Executive producer Remi Aubuchon will be joined by cast members Drew Roy (Hal), Sarah Carter (Maggie) and Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes) for a panel at the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday, March 30.

The panel will include a Q&A with Aubuchon and the actors along with exclusive clips from the Season 3 premiere, which is set to air in June. TV Guide Magazine senior editor Rich Sands will be the moderator.

WonderCon, which is produced by the folks behind San Diego’s Comic-Con International, features exhibitors and programming from the worlds of comic books, television, film, video games, etc. This year’s event will be held Easter weekend, March 29-31.


Drew Weighs in on Entertainment Weekly’s 6 Grossest, Creepiest, Most Shocking Moments of ‘Falling Skies’

Aug 24, 2012

6. Hal disguises himself as a harnessed kid (season 1, episode 5: “Silent Kill”)
In a significant development in Hal and Tom’s relationship, the father has to reign in his protective instincts and let his son go on a dangerous mission to rescue his other son.

Hal, disguised as a harnessed kid using Rick’s detached harness, sneaks through the halls of the hospital where the skitters are keeping the captured children, including Ben Mason. The Falling Skies crew supplied plenty to build the suspense of the scene: The patrolling mechs droning outside, the unnaturally dark halls of the pediatric ward casting shadows over the murals of smiling dogs and storks, the emotionless harnessed children shuffling toward their room.

Once Hal slides into the circle of sleeping children, we get precariously close to the skitter, who’s nesting on top of all the kids. Then – oh, ew – the skitter strokes Ben’s and Hal’s hair. The commercial break left us there, and when we returned, I was definitely holding my breath just like Hal surely was.

Even Hal’s victorious moment of stabbing the skitter in its soft palate isn’t without another dose of creepiness: All these harnessed kids are clawing at Hal, trying to protect this creature who they call, as we later learn, their guardian.

Drew Roy’s take: “I just had the best time sneaking in there and getting to pull off such a heroic move as stabbing a skitter in the mouth and fighting with it. That little fight sequence that went down — the guy in the puppeteer suit who’s playing the skitter can’t really see out of that mask. They actually have to put an oxygen tube in there in between takes so he can breathe. So he’s flailing around and popping me in the face. And I’m giving it right back to him. We get a nice little battle going. Every now and then he’ll hit you in the mouth. I had cuts and whatnot from my lips smacking up against my teeth. It was borderline a real fight.”

5. Rescue mission in the harness factory (season 2, episode 4: “Young Bloods”)
Halfway through season 2, we finally got to see the horrifying process of latching these harnesses onto kids. Many fans had been itching to see this for a long time, but we could have used the warning, “Be careful what you wish for.”

It’s a scene that had me curled up on my couch in the fetus position. The sheer helplessness of these kids trapped on the makeshift operating tables made this all the more difficult to watch. And the harnessing process was more gruesome that we could have imagined: Props to whoever came up with the idea to have the harnesses be creatures of their own, slimy things that slide their way toward these kids before striking them with their pointy spikes. That was such a close call for poor, little Matt – I was thinking, “The writers had Ben harnessed – who’s to say they won’t go there with Matt?” so I was really fearing for his safety there.

Drew Roy’s take: “We pick some of the creepiest, darkest, coldest, most industrial-looking sets, and this was definitely one of the best ones. It was incredibly cold at that point in the shoot, and for whatever reason, inside of this building it was like a refrigerator. It held even more of the cold in, so that kind of lent to the eerie feeling in there, almost like you have this ghost presence. And with those throbbing, orange-ish lights, it was a creepy place.”

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Hydrogen Magazine: Drew Roy is Falling Up!

Jul 25, 2012

Check out a preview of Drew’s interview with Hydrogen Magazine below for their July/August 2012 issue and be sure to head on over to Hydrogen-Mag.com to read the interview in full.

And while you’re at it don’t miss the high resolution scans that are now up in the gallery!

HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: When did the acting bug get you?
DREW ROY: I was about to graduate high school and figured I’d go to Atlanta to get modeling gigs and I ran into a manager who had this brilliant idea that I could take over Hollywood [laughs]. It sort of fell into my lap. It wasn’t till I got out here that I realized I was in way over my head. I got into acting classes and that was when I realized how much I loved it.

HM: First impressions of Hollywood
DR: That it was a lot browner than I thought! I always thought it was this tropical place. I came out here with 5 best friends all we all lived in 1 bedroom apartments. It was a first real taste of freedom, living on our own and not having school or any obligations really.

HM: How did your family feel about the road you were about to embark on?
DR: They were terrified. But now things are going well they are glad but there’s always a little nervousness because nothing is guaranteed. Its funny because my dad’s a dentist and when I was on Hannah Montana, girls would run up and go, “that’s Drew Roy’s dad!”

HM: Let’s talk Falling Skies. How did the role of Hal Mason come to you?
DR: The old fashioned way. I auditioned over a month and a half. I remember doing the studio test, and driving on to universal lot. These giant wooden doors opened up and it was like being in Jurassic Park. I tested with Noah Wiley and usually there’s a 12 day window or something for the studio to call you back and they used every last one of them! I had gone out to dinner with my mom and it was one of those crescent moons. I got the job the next day.

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Comic-Con 2012: ‘Falling Skies’ Gang Tease Rest of Season 2

Jul 14, 2012

Make sure you check out the recap in its entirety over at HollywoodReporter.com, but in the meantime check out the little blurb below.

What About Maggie and Hal — and Karen?: “They are so different,” cast member Drew Roy said of the differences between Maggie and Hal. “We’re going to see a little more of where she came from and [how she knows Hal].” He teased that it’ll come “in an intimate kind of setting so [Hal] has to deal with it right then and there.”

With Karen coming back into the fray — after Hal and Maggie discover deharnessed kids — things will definitely get complicated for all parties involved. “Maggie cares about Hal and knows that Hal has feelings for Karen,” actress Sarah Carter says. “Part of Maggie’s inclination is to step back and see what happens and she’s also stepping back because she doesn’t trust that thing [looking over at surprise panelist Jessy Schram, who plays Karen].” Schram said: “Hal’s got the toughest card here.”

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