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Drew Featured in Zooey Magazine’s June/July Issue

Jul 2, 2012

Drew Roy: Relentless Charmer, Fearless Dreamer
Catch him as: Hal Mason on TNT’s Spielberg-produced Falling Skies
On working with Spielberg: “It’s pretty wild. When I was going in to read for Falling Skies, I knew that when we got down to the end, we would have to wait for his approval of who was going to be cast. Even if I didn’t get the part, the fact that Steven Spielberg was going to see my audition tape was crazy [enough]. He actually showed up on set during the pilot and just blew me away with his kindness and how open he was with everybody. He would let anybody come up and speak with him.”
All that glitters isn’t gold: “I started college on scholarship, and everything was all lined up. I always wanted to be a doctor. Then I came up with the bright idea that without any training or any knowledge of what I was doing, I would move out to LA with my 5 best friends who were in a band. We were just going to wait and see what happened. The fact that we knew so little, made it seem more possible. My parents thought I was crazy, and my dad was really skeptical about it. I got out here, realized I was in over my head, and that’s when I really had to buckle down. When I got here, I was living in a place I called the Hobbit Hole. It was a little storage unit underneath a lady’s house, and the ceiling was like 3 inches above my head. You could literally see the outside because there were little holes everywhere. It was a spider’s dream!”
Life in L.A.: “My main job while auditioning was as a valet at the Beverly Hills hotel. You’re driving every car a kid has ever wanted to drive. You’re seeing wild things happen because guests would ask you to come up to their rooms and you never knew who was going to open the door, how they were going to be dressed when they came to the door, or what was going to happen when you walked through the door. Everything that you’re thinking right now: yes, that happened. We might not have said yes to it, but it was proposed.”
Words to live by: “It’s easy to forget, but it’s important not to worry about what everyone is going to think. Put time into whatever you’re doing and make sure that you show up prepared, but don’t worry about what people think about you. Do your own thing and do it your way. Anytime that you stick to that, everything turns out [great].”

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